Our Program




  • Students and their families agree to show respect for all involved at NDM Bollywood Dance
    Studios (NDM), including other classmates, families, teachers, and staff members.
  • Please respect classroom rules. Negative behavior of any sort is not permitted.
  • Students must maintain a positive attitude and cooperate with the teacher and fellow classmates.
    No gossiping or inappropriate language or conversation will be tolerated. Please keep
    conversations positive and up-beat. Negativity does not provide for a healthy dance environment.
  • Student/Parent may be subject to, but not limited by the following disciplinary action: 1 Verbal
    Warning 2. Suspension 3. Immediate Dismissal from NDM.
  • All students must show respect for the property of others. No running, jumping, or unruly behavior will be tolerated at any of NDM’s locations.
  • Eating or chewing gum during class is strictly prohibited.
  • All cell phones should be turned off. Cell phone use is not allowed during class time.
  • NDM does not tolerate any physical or verbal abuse, including “name calling” or “bullying” by any
    student. Such behavior will result in dismissal from NDM. The use of vulgar language, threats or
    physical altercations will result in immediate dismissal from NDM. Students disrupting the safety
    of other students in class will result in immediate dismissal from NDM.
  • We encourage our students to practice and the parents to be involved in our program.
  • Parents/Friends/Family may not sit inside the classroom and watch or interfere during class.
    However, we highly encourage our parents to attend the last 10 minutes of as many classes as
    they can. Nothing brings your children more joy than seeing your faces, smiles, and
    encouragement at the classes and our instructors love getting to know the parents of these
    wonderful children they spend so much time with!



  • We truly expect our students to attend all scheduled classes, as absent students slow down the
    teaching process, and can make them fall behind. We encourage students/parents to create a
    WhatsApp group chat with weekly class dance videos.
  • Students who missed class are responsible for returning to class fully prepared knowing the
    material that was taught. It is unfair to the other students who had attended class to review the
    entire hour all over again.
  • Being on time to class is necessary at NDM. Students that come late are a distraction for the
    other students. If tardiness continues, the student will be asked to move to a better-timed class
    for them.
  • Students may not leave before class is concluded without prior arrangements with the instructor.
  • Students or their Parents must email NDM if they are not going to attend class. This allows us to
    plan and adjust the lesson plan for the day.


Before and After Class

  • NDM is not a childcare or babysitting service. When one class ends, another starts; teachers and
    staff are not liable or responsible for supervising students before their class time or after their
    class has been dismissed.
  • The locations/facilities we rent from outside of NDM



  • NDM shirt ($15 purchase from NDM)
  • Leggings or gym pants/shorts
  • Dance appropriate attire only. No jeans. No dresses. No long earrings.
  • Students must purchase a new NDM shirt if they outgrow the current one, lose or damage it, or
    change classes.
  • All students with long hair MUST have it pulled and tied back.
  • No footwear required, as we dance barefoot only.




  • NDM Bollywood Dance Studios Inc (NDM) has the right to refuse services to anyone at any time.
  • All students must fill out all NDM forms prior to their first class.
  • NDM does not enroll children under the age of 5.
  • NDM is not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen articles.
  • NDM does not compete in any dance competitions.
  • Any students that would like to participate in any dance competition must get an approval by
    NDM prior to enrolling in the competition IF their dance is utilizing NDM choreography.
  • We request Students/Parents to always credit NDM and their teacher on social media posts and


Placement in Classes

  • We ask that our parents support and respect the decisions made by the studio's Director and
    teachers regarding class placement and choreography. We can assure you that we evaluate all
    students fairly and thoroughly and base our decisions on the skill level of each student
  • It is more important that students are in the correct class level, rather than making sure a student
    is with their exact age group. We want each student to grow and achieve the most at NDM. When
    a class is too challenging, the student can become frustrated and lose interest. Likewise, when it
    is too easy, a student may not grow as a dancer.
  • NDM reserves the right to move any student to a different class if they are not keeping up with the
    standard of the class. As a result, pertaining to this matter only, if the student decides to leave the
    program, NDM will issue a refund for the remaining classes. The student will not be reimbursed
    for the classes already attended or any other required expenditures (i.e., costume, show tickets,
    etc.) during the school year.


Taking a break from NDM 

  • If a student does not continue in their class for a semester or more, NDM will fill up the open spot,
    which may result in the student losing their spot in that class if they wish to return.
  • Each semester we enrich our students with technique, skill level and other components in
    Bollywood dancing. Taking a break from any semester causes students to fall behind and not be
    up to par with the students in their class. Therefore, even if a spot is available in their original
    class, a student may be placed in a different group upon their return.


Class Cancellation

  • NDM reserves the right to combine classes, change times, provide substitute and/or replacement
    teachers at any time.
  • Classes may be cancelled due to low enrollment. If this happens, email notifications will be sent
    out and we will work with your family to try and find an alternative class.



  • NDM Bollywood Dance Studios Inc. recognizes the following designated holidays. No classes will
    be taught during the weeks of: President’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day,
    Halloween Day (TBD), Spring Break (TBD), Thanksgiving, Winter Break and Recital Days only.


Video and Photography Release

  • I understand and agree that NDM reserves the right to take and use videos and photos of
    participants, free of charge, from the NDM events, classroom activity or NDM related events to be
    used for marketing and advertising purposes.



  • Throughout the year, there is a lot of information that is communicated to our students/families.
  • Basic studio information and our full year calendar will be available on our website
  • Our primary means of communication with our families is through email. Please add
    ndmdancestudios@gmail.com to your email list to ensure our emails go to your inbox.
  • We thank you in advance for providing us with your best email address to receive communication
    and prompt replies. We also appreciate emails from us to be responded to in a timely manner.
  • We have a Facebook Page that we update with events and recitals information.
  • You can also follow us on Instagram at @ndmbollywoodance.
  • Questions and Concerns – Please do not engage the teachers at any time in their respective
    dance studios to ask questions. When one class ends, another one begins. If you need to speak
    directly to the teacher, please email or call the studio at 562-402-7761. Messages will be returned
    as soon as possible. The teacher and/or the parents/guardians can schedule a studio meeting if needed. Always communicate/follow up with our team via email for any requests or concerns. We want to avoid any misunderstandings and encourage a paper trail to allow full transparency.



  • NDM’s full year consists of 2 semesters: Semester 1 (mid Aug-mid Dec) and Semester 2
  • Tuition rates can be found on the website.
  • Tuition must be paid within the first two weeks of each starting quarter. (14 days)
  • A Late Fee of $15 will be added by the 15th day. A Late Fee of $30 will be added by the 22nd day
    or more.
  • Students who have not paid the tuition by the fifth class of each semester will not be able to take
    the class.
  • NDM does not accept month to month payment.
  • A returned check fee of $25 will be applied for any returned check(s).
  • Tuition Discounts apply for 3 or more enrolled students within the same biological/immediate
  • NDM Bollywood Dance Studios Inc does not provide pro-rating or refunds of any kind, for any
    reason including illness, injury, relocation, vacation, missed classes, school, work, disinterest etc.
    This policy applies to any studio fees, registration fees, recitals, costumes, tuition and more.


Payment Method

  • We accept Zelle (ndmdancestudios@gmail.com), cash, checks and credit card ($7.50 service fee
    per transaction) as methods of payment.
  • Please make checks payable to NDM Bollywood Dance Studios
  • We do not accept Venmo, PayPal or automatic payment services. No exceptions.


Annual Recital(s) 

  • NDM has 2 annual recitals, which are performed at the Redondo Beach Performing Arts Center
    during the months of November and April/May. For students to participate in the recital, they must be enrolled in classes for both semesters.
  • Students that are unable to perform at the recitals may not enroll in our program.
  • Tickets will be available for purchase online and through NDM. Date, time, and protocols will be
    sent via email.
  • Show Tickets: range $30-$65.
  • Costume: range $150-$265 / Costumes for boys may be under this range depending on the
    theme of the dance. NDM does not rent costumes, as they are custom made for each student to
    purchase and keep.
  • Students who do not purchase a costume may not perform at the recital.
  • Students may be responsible for purchasing accessories, such as jewelry and leggings: range
  • Due to the high demand and constant increase in the number of classes, NDM presents two
    shows per recital both on the same day; an afternoon show and an evening show. Half of NDM
    classes will perform at the first show while the other half perform at the second show. Some
    advanced classes may have the opportunity to perform at both shows. If a class is performing at
    both shows, the student must perform at both shows and not just in one.


Force Majeure Clause

  • NDM Bollywood Dance Studios shall have the right to cancel any performances and/or classes if
    in the company’s sole discretion these activities cannot or should not proceed, due in whole or in
    part to, armed conflict, invasion, act of a foreign enemy, civil war, riot, rebellion, revolution, civil
    commotion or disorder, act of terrorism; plague, epidemic, pandemic, outbreaks of infectious
    disease or any other public health crisis, including quarantine or restrictions on public gatherings;
    compliance with any law or government order, rule, regulation or direction, curfew restriction; act
    of God or natural disaster such as but not limited to violent storm, hurricane, tornado, earthquake,
    landslide, tsunami, flood; explosion, fire.


In the unlikelihood of the mentioned above, NDM will…

  • Provide classes through a virtual platform for the remaining classes paid. No refunds, prorating,
    and/or deductions will be given.
  • Reschedule the recital at the same theatre/theatre within 45 miles from the original venue – within a 6-month period OR provide the recital virtually. Thus, purchased show tickets will be honored at the new recital date and/or be used as compensation to receive the virtual show link/password or access. Tickets will not be refunded, as NDM will fulfill our service/agreement by producing a show.
  • If NDM cancels the recital or classes with no alternatives mentioned above, NDM will fully
    reimburse recital tickets and remaining classes not provided. Show tickets will only be reimbursed
    when physically returned at NDM Artesia within the deadline that will be provided.
  • Sponsorship funds will only be reimbursed if NDM cancels the recital. Deadlines will apply.
  • No refunds or reimbursements (for classes or recital tickets) will be given to students or families
    who choose not to participate or attend the new recital date/virtual performance.
  • NDM is not responsible for alterations, refunding or reimbursing costumes, as the costume
    vendor/company is not affiliated with NDM.