NDM Bollywood Dance Productions and Studios Inc. is the premier Bollywood Dance Company in the US and the “Leading Authority in the Art of Bollywood Dancing.” NDM is a conception of world renowned Bollywood Dance Choreographer and Dancer, Nakul Dev Mahajan. The NDM Company is divided into two entities; NDM Bollywood Dance Productions and NDM Bollywood Dance Studios.

NDM Bollywood Dance Productions was found by Nakul Dev Mahajan in 1998. It was comprised of Southern California’s most awarded and accomplished Bollywood dancers. The members performed under the banner of NDM Dance Productions, which unknowingly become the first Bollywood Dance Company in the United States. NDM Bollywood Dance Productions became the most popular group of Bollywood Dancers to hire for private events or charity shows. It was not long before Hollywood took notice of NDM Bollywood Dance Productions and hired them for commercials, television shows and music videos. Today, the company has built a prestigious and recognizable reputation. Some of NDM’s most rewarding experiences have been performing on So You Think You Can Dance, E! Live Oscar Coverage, Good Morning America, The Office, Superstars of Dance and MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew.

NDM Bollywood Dance Studios is the first and only custom designed Bollywood Dance school in the United States to date and opened its doors on May 2, 2003 by Nakul Dev Mahajan. Located in Artesia, the ‘Little India’ of Los Angeles, NDM Bollywood Dance Studios has enriched over 10,000 students since their inauguration. Today, NDM has 7 locations throughout Southern California and is considered to be one of the most prestigious Bollywood dance companies in The United States. Some of NDM’ most notable accomplishments include being featured on ABC Nightline, The Los Angeles Times and FOX Good Day LA. Aside from global coverage from reputable publications in regards to the studio, the students of NDM have also been celebrated with various achievements, such as winning dance competitions, state/national pageants and opportunities on television/film, including several promotions and music videos for Disney Junior’s Mira, Royal Detective.